Niantic Inn, Niantic, CT

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  • Secret Splendor: A Close-up on Niantic, Conn.

    The Boston Globe, March 5, 2008
    Niantic is the kind of town that usually gets overlooked in the come-by-the-busloads tourism of southeastern Connecticut, where crowds are lured by the neon glare of the casinos and the modern re-creation of 19th-century Mystic seafaring life. But Niantic, a seaside village of East Lyme, is a calming antidote to the sites that get prime play in the guidebooks. [Read more]

  • Sound Out Niantic: A Connecticut Coast Secret

    HillRag, November, 2007
    I love going somewhere well known but discovering a secret! As we prepared for a recent trip to explore the Connecticut coastline, the advice came in droves. Mystic was the first place that dropped from all lips, swiftly followed by, "Are you going gambling?" Nobody mentioned Niantic. And it gets short-shrift in the guide-books. But that's where we spent the first night. It was picked because we'd never heard of it, and it offered accommodation right on Main Street that fell between the region's mainstays of highpriced B&Bs and Interstate 95 chain motels. [Read more]